The LoveGeist Report 2010-2011 begins with an instant a review of the current internet dating society. Exactly what do contemporary daters appear like? What are their needs and wants? What qualities would they look for in a partner?

Let’s learn.

The feminine in the Types

How much does the average female dater appear to be in 2010? Overview of 75,000 feminine members unveiled that she:

  • Is between 25 and 30 years old (22per cent of the test).
  • Is mostly about 5’5″ large (15percent).
  • Is a brunette (31%) with blue-eyes (40percent).
  • Thinks the woman eyes tend to be the girl most readily useful feature (53percent).
  • Views her frame as typical (36%).
  • Notices by herself as easygoing (32percent) and social (14percent).
  • Is smart (53% have a qualification, compared with 13per cent of the general female populace regarding the UK).
  • likes travel first and foremost other pursuits, followed by movies, conversation, and cooking.
  • Generally most likely really works in medical, dental care, or veterinarian industry (11per cent).

To ascertain just what this normal female user wishes from her male matches, match additionally the upcoming base analyzed ladies multiple choice replies. It appears that the ideal man considers their physical stature to-be “average” (90per cent), and has brief (97per cent), brownish (89percent) tresses, blue eyes (84%), and an easygoing character (86per cent).

  • Black hair was available in next (75percent), followed by lightweight brown (73%), blond (59per cent), and also the salt and pepper appearance (38per cent). Guys with cropped or bare hair happened to be popular (56%), and bald males discovered followers in 26per cent of’s feminine populace.
  • Nearly all women resoundingly preferred a typical frame, though 38per cent favored slender men and 34% enjoyed men with some extra few pounds.
  • Women like males with sight that are…well…eye-catching. 78percent price them as a guy’s most attractive function, accompanied by “a stylish laugh” (77percent), “good bum” (35per cent), and “good hands” (27percent). Feet scored the best, with merely 4percent.
  • So far as character goes, women wish easygoing guys with great sensory faculties of humor (86percent). “innovative” guys also scored highly (75%), because performed those who are “sociable” (74per cent) and “reliable” (73per cent).
  • Within his spare-time, the best guy is actually attracted to eating at restaurants and taking a trip. The younger ladies are the majority of thinking about men exactly who enjoy films and music, while the 50+ set aim for guys just who reveal an interest in farming.

Women and men, do you know what arrives next: this is the men’s room move to do the limelight!

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