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The 2nd Circassian Film Festival

To all film lovers and aspiring filmmaker…
Stand up and be recognized!

  • Don’t miss your chance to showcase your work and gain exposure at the 2nd Circassian Film Festival.
  • The festival is dedicated to new films produced in the Circassian language.

We encourage you to contribute
and compete for a grand prize of US $5,000.

Produce a short film of no more than 15 minutes (in Circassian)

  • Register now, and submit your film no later than November 30th, 2023.
  • Share the news with all those who need to get creative!

Terms & Conditions:

  • The short film shall:
    • be in Circassian Language.
    • not exceed 15 minutes.
    • be produced in 2021 or later.
    • not contain any kind of racism, violence, offense to religions, or violation of public values ​​and morals.
  • The applicant must have the copyrights of the short film.
  • The Organizing Committee has the right to screen the participating short films for non-commercial purposes.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject short films that do not meet any of the entry criteria.
  • The Best Circassian Short Film will be chosen by an independent Jury.
  • Jury’s evaluation will be based on originality, storytelling, cinematography, acting, sound design, editing, language, and impact.
  • Jury’s decision is final.
  • The Best Circassian Short Film will be announced in the Awarding Ceremony at the 2nd Circassian Film Festival.
  • The winning short film will receive a trophy, a certificate, and $5,000 prize.

For registration please follow the LINK

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The Circassian Film Festival

Is a platform built to spotlight groups and individuals who are working in the field of Circassian cinema and filmmaking. They are given the opportunity to connect, interact and present their works and projects in a modern visual framework that would enrich the Circassian culture.

We recognize the importance of the 7th art, its intellectual, social and moral impact, as well as its influential role in preserving our heritage, spreading knowledge and shaping our future. Therefore, this festival aims at activating the Circassian cinema and film making, bringing together promising talents and encouraging, professional and amateur, producers and directors to produce Circassian-speaking films.

The 2st Circassian Film Festival will be held ONLINE.


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The 2nd Circassian Film Festival
New Event Calendar and Festival Prize Increase to $5,000

17 May 2023

The Organizing Committee of the Circassian Film Festival held today a meeting devoted to discussing prospects for the Circassian Film Festival to evolve and increase its ability to support young Circassian talents. The meeting discussed the following matters:

  • Setting a new calendar for the Circassian Film Festival and other related events.
  • Increasing the budget of the 2nd Festival.
  • Including additional activities to the 2nd Festival.
  • Introducing new categories of entries such as videos within the new media.
  • Liaison with Circassian professionals working in films and benefiting from their experiences and expertise.
  • Collaboration with Circassian associations in the motherland and diaspora.

At this meeting, the Organizing Committee has decided [click to read]

A platform built to spotlight groups and individuals who are working in the field of Circassian cinema and film making.

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