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Seven Directors Confirm Participation in the 1st Circassian Film Festival 2021

Seven Directors Confirm their Participation in the First Circassian Film Festival 2021

May 07, 2021, The Organizing Committee of the Circassian Film Festival has received applications for the Circassian Short Film Award 2021 from 7 directors with 4 films ready for screening. As of now, the participating films are from the Caucasus, Turkey, Syria, the USA and Israel. Yet, two more films from Sweden and the UAE are still to join.

At the beginning of this year, the Circassian Film Festival opened the door for registration to participate in the first session of the Circassian Film Festival 2021.

In the meantime, the Organizing Committee has been working diligently to stay in touch with the directors, producers and those interested in filmmaking to ensure and facilitate their participation in the festival. While acknowledging that the world is going through unprecedented times, there is much confidence in the skills, dedication and determination of our talented filmmakers, as well as their ability to overcome any challenges.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the festival has successfully executed its first project “Short & Sweet” which entailed short films (3 minutes max) in the Circassian language. Although the project took place during lockdowns, it was able to attract youth to participate in the festival who were able to produce fascinating, thought-provoking and remarkable films. By the end, the competition prompted attention and support from a wide audience of Circassians from all around the world, and received positive and constructive feedback.

The First Circassian Film Festival 2021 is expected to be a true celebration of Circassian films, as an award will be dedicated solely for the best Circassian short film. The film must be less than 15 minutes, in the Circassian language, and produced in 2018 or later. Details and conditions are available on the festival’s website:

The organizers aim to reach the largest segment of those interested in participating in the First Circassian Film Festival. There is still enough time left to participate and compete for the Circassian Short Film Award 2021, as the applications are open until August 30th, 2021.

The Circassian Film Festival was established two years ago as a platform to spotlight groups and individuals who are working in the field of Circassian cinema and filmmaking. They are given the opportunity to connect, interact and present their works and projects in a modern visual framework that would enrich the Circassian culture. The Circassian Film Festival recognizes the importance of the 7th art, its intellectual, social and moral impact, as well as its influential role in preserving our heritage, spreading knowledge and shaping our future. Therefore, the festival aims at activating Circassian cinema and film making, bringing together promising talents and encouraging professional and amateur producers and directors to produce Circassian-speaking films.

More information on the participating films and directors will be announced later, in addition to details on the festival’s date and schedule.


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